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Personal Development & Positive Behavior Support

We help:
  • Becoming your Authentic Self, the Spiritual Awakening Path can be challenging and confusing. Feeling lost and no longer fit in? Knowing change is needed but not understanding what? Falling out of alignment with what was known, family, and friends?  
  • Individuals, couples, families, and teams to leave doldrums and unwanted habits*** in the past, moving forward creating a life filled with purpose, motivation, success, joy, and belonging.  
  • Parents moving out of the empty nest syndrome.
  •  You make personal improvements and growth.
  • Students identifying what career path to choose.  
  • You change negative relationships (i.e. Work or other).
  • Business owners to build successful teams.
  • leaving Retirement Doldrums in the past.
  • You recognize and build Self Awareness.
  • you improve Communication Skills.
  • you increase Self-Esteem/Self-Confidence.
  • You Transform.

*** smoking, anger, diet habits, (mind) clutter, fitness.

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Life Coaching creates a “Thinking Environment” that allows you to unfold your own wisdom. It is a powerful human relationship to assist clients to design their future rather than get over their past.

Coaching Tools:

  • Meditation (Guided) & Breathing (Techniques)
  • Affirmations & Law of Attraction (How everthing is a Reflection)
  • Increase your Vibration (Energy)
  • Present moment (Passion & Purpose)

Group Coaching Sessions Available:

  • Meditation (Guided) & Breathing (Techniques)
  • Affirmations & Law of Attraction​
  • Present moment (Passion & Purpose)

Please contact us for group session schedules. Individual Sessions are available by appointment.

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Experience the Feeling of Peace in your Mind

Knowing you are listened to with silent attention and zero interruption allows your mind to ignite!

Ignite Team Spirit

Allow all Team Members unfold by giving undivided attention, zero interruption, and sincere appreciation and consideration.

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